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A Word from the Owner

Welcome to Remarkable Africa,

Our aim is to give you a true and honest idea of what to expect from a safari. Booking a safari can be daunting when you consider how foreign it can be and the amount of money you can end up spending. There are a large number of options for you and no doubt all offer a great service.

Why do we believe we can be different to everyone else?

Firstly, our vision is to inspire you to experience the remarkable wonders of Africa. With a genuine care for your needs and through a personalised, passionate and honest approach we aim to build your trust in us. This is made possible through our extensive African knowledge.  We’ve had the experience of working and living in Africa for over 17  years.

Furthermore, we have close relationships with premier suppliers and operators.  Relationships that have been forged over decades which we continue to keep strengthening.  We have created true bonds which means we know exactly who to go to for more insight. Most importantly, with our close contacts within the industry we are always up to date with the very latest developments. For this reason, we are able to build an itinerary to meet your needs and interests of where and when to travel that is best for you.

We aim to exceed your expectations in every aspect of your African vacation, from the smallest detail upwards. We cannot succeed until we understand your needs, and to understand we need to carefully listen to and interpret your desires to shape our recommendations for you. Hence, our website is set out to give you information on what’s available. However we would prefer to make contact to learn more about your expectations in the environment or manner that suits you.

Africa is our passion, and has played a huge part in the story of our lives.  Therefore, like all stories, it is best shared, and we want to impart our passion for Africa to you.

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you.

Tammy Chaplin – Director

Remarkable Africa –  Safari Specialists

Knowledge and Experience

You have managed camps and guided groups of clients . You have helped train camp managers, camp staff, guides, chefs and maintenance personnel at many of the camps you send people to.You have personally helped organise every single detail that goes towards giving visitors from all over the world the best possible experience in Africa. Over the years we have been on many trips in Botswana and Namibia where your expertise on the ground has been in evidence. You have organised all the transfers from camp to camp, always on time and always with complete safety. Not once have we asked if anything could have been done better, and we have the confidence in knowing that our next trip will be no different.

Brian and Mary - South Australia