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Recent guests of ours had a truly fabulous safari in Zimbabwe and Botswana – and captured some amazing images.

They had not travelled to Africa before, despite it being a life-long dream. But then the time came and they embraced the opportunity to go.

Their trip included Cape Town, the Okavango Delta, Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park, allowing great wildlife viewing opportunities – and being the dry season, they saw and experienced some spectacular things, which have created memories that will last forever.

One of their many great stories…

One morning on a game drive at Davisons we came across three lionesses with their seven cubs. The adults left the cubs in a thicket and started following a small group of buffalo through the scrub. Our guide determined where we could go on the track to intercept these hunters. We parked and waited, like stalkers ourselves. Just as it seemed the lions were not coming and the driver started the motor, I saw a shadowy blur and the movement of grass off to our left. Sure enough the guide had got it right. They slinked past, low and menacing, not five yards from our vehicle. We followed the lions as they sniffed the air, tracking the out of sight buffalo.
After some time the buffalo had moved out of range of the hunting party and the lions settled in the shade of an acacia for a rest. We returned to the point where we had last seen the cubs and, happily for us, the little scamps had come out of the secure hiding place and were frolicking about on the track.

Here are just a few images courtesy of  J&V Crawford

Crawford1             Crawford2

Crawford3                 Crawford7

Crawford4                       Crawford5

A wonderful testimonial from them…

Having never been to Southern Africa before we were relatively clueless about most aspects of travel in the Dark Continent. Thankfully Tammy and Alex patiently and expertly guided us through making choices which ultimately led to us having the most magnificent holiday experience. They made themselves immediately available to answer our many queries and to accommodate our changes of plans. There was never any pressure about where to go or what to do. Their service really was all about us.

Our trip included Victoria Falls, three Wilderness Safaris camps in Botswana and Zimbabwe and Capetown. Thanks to our very detailed itinerary, every transfer, every connection and every reception went smoothly. Not once did we have a panicky moment, wondering what was meant to happen next.

We were able to enjoy every moment of our African experience, being up close in the wild to over thirty species of land animal, a myriad of birds and a colourful array of plant life. We met some wonderful people, amongst the guests, but especially including the friendly, dedicated staff of the lodges, camps and hotels.

We unreservedly recommend Remarkable Africa to anybody considering an African safari.

Thank you Vicki and Jim, we were so thrilled that you had such an amazing time, and truly enjoyed working with you to make your Africa dream a reality!

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