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Guests of ours, Mary and Brian, travelled to Botswana recently on their second multi-generational family safari with their son and grandchildren.  These trips together are not only incredibly fun for everyone, but enhance relationships and create special long-lasting memories and life-changing experiences for everyone. Here’s what they said…

Family Safari in Africa

We have had an ongoing love for Botswana  for 20 years.  There have certainly been other places in Africa that we have visited during this time but Botswana has always drawn us back.  To us it is the jewel.  It is comfortable, safe well managed and the source of the most wonderful wildlife experiences imaginable.  The people of Botswana are the most important part of this equation.

Interacting with family and staff

Interacting with family and staff

Our grandchildren were growing up and three years ago we decided to take 3 of the 13 year olds to experience what we had been enjoying.   Although this is a cliché it was a life changing experience for them.  We took them to a variety of camps. One a desert, one a water and one an island delta camp for a number of different possible sightings.  This was a perfect outcome.

Tranquil family experiences

Appreciating the smaller things

These teenagers  had younger siblings and cousins who listened to the stories. So in April this year we took 3 more 13 year olds to this wonderful country.  Again a variety of camps.  Wonderful game viewing and wonderful Batswana people. All six of these children independently assessed that their interaction with the camp staff and other guests was a highlight.  The guides were tireless with their energy and knowledge.

These two inter-generational family experiences have been priceless for us and our grandchildren and we highly recommend doing this.

True family experiences

Up close and personal!

Remarkable Africa  planned this trip for us.  As their name says, they were remarkable and we highly recommend them to compose something for any family, no matter what ages.

Mary and Brian , Strathalbyn , South Australia

(photos courtesy of Mary and Brian)

Brian and Mary stayed in Seba Camp, Xigera Camp and Chitabe Camp on this trip to Botswana with their grandchildren

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