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Food Delights on Safari

A number of people often wonder what type of food they might get served on safari in Africa. Some are worried from a health point of view (like salads being washed using ‘’contaminated’’ water), others are frightened that they might be served up game meat or some exotic African delicacy. Others know exactly what they will get – and it’s even sometimes the reason WHY people love going on safari so much! There are many food delights on safari!

Of course different countries and different styles of camps offer different cuisine options – but one this is for certain – you will never go hungry or lose weight with the food delights on safari!

Luxury camps and lodges are serving up award winning fare (and everything is perfectly safe to eat) – and paired with a lovely South African wine – it can really enhance the magic of the experience. Many enjoy this part of safari as much as seeing wildlife (ok…well…the wildlife generally wins!).

In most of the 4 and 5 star camps there are seven…yes seven…opportunities to eat during the day/evening (some call it an eating safari!). Your day starts early (for those wanting to make the most of the wildlife aspect), with a wake-up ‘’knock-knock’’ at around 5-5.30am (don’t worry, the absolute beauty of getting up early on holiday is that you get to indulge in a snooze during the day), a short time to get dressed with binoculars, camera and hat in hand, and then it’s time to start with a light continental style breakfast consisting of croissants, muffins, fruit, cheeses, boiled eggs, cereals, juice, and the luxury of a coffee or tea watching and hearing the bush come alive. Out on activity, there is normally a tea/coffee break with home-made cookies, rusks (a Southern African favourite!), or fruit/nut snack, before continuing on the morning adventure. Back to the camp for a freshen-up, and then to brunch (that famous combination of breakfast and lunch) at many camps, or lunch. Fresh and interesting salads, delicious hot options, freshly baked bread, cheese selections, fresh fruit…or for those wanting the ‘’breakfast’’ part of it, eggs cooked to order, bacon, sausage and tomato await.

After an exciting morning out, and a full tummy, it’s time to relax and enjoy the delights of camp – reading a book to the sounds of the birds, enjoying an outdoor shower, updating your diary or animal checklist, or having a siesta, your time is your own. Some camps have spa treatments available, so why not indulge!

High tea is served in the afternoon – generally a couple of savoury choices (meat option and vegetarian option) – and a sweet option or two, along with fresh fruit. Accompanied by wonderful home-made ice tea and ice coffee (or the hot variety if you prefer) will satisfy you for your afternoon activity.

Afternoon_tea_kings_pool_botswana        Toka_Leya_afternoon_tea_safari_style

As the sun sets, often you will stop in the bush for a ‘’sundowner’’ drink with some nibbles. There is nothing like sipping on a G&T watching the sky change colour to produce the best sunsets on earth, looking out at nothing but nature all around you.

Once back in camp, dinner is served after pre-dinner drinks (and yet another opportunity to snack at the bar). Three courses, all freshly prepared by the incredible camp chefs await. In winter, nothing beats a hot and yummy soup, followed by a choice of main courses, finishing with a delicious desert. In summer the menu’s change to fresh and light options. Cheese and fruit finish the meal and guests often enjoy a drink or tea/coffee around a wonderful camp fire.

When you think that all of this food has to be flown into these remote locations, often having to come from far afield, and cooked in the middle of the bush on solar or generator power, it is mind-blowing to see what creations come out of these wonderful bush kitchens.


delicious_food_delights_on_safari_namibia     safari_food_delights_namibia
Off to bed…and the next day of excitement awaits along with the possible wondering of what incredible cuisine options await tomorrow.

Bon appetite….from Remarkable Africa,

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