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General Traveller Tips

Here are some general traveller tips to help you have a successful holiday….


Scan or photocopy your passports, visas, tickets any pre-paid travel vouchers and, medical prescriptions then email them to your email you use for travel. Leave a copy with family or friends and take two copies with you.

Be sure to leave your Insurance Policy number & the emergency assistance phone number with your next of kin and travel agent (plus a copy of your Itinerary)

Record a list of phone numbers that you may need to use throughout your journey on your phone and a paper copy with your travel documents.  Remember that signal may not be available to access emails/data, or you may run out of battery on your phone, so don’t use this as your only form of details


Secure your luggage with locks and ensure it is easily identifiable (eg. coloured ribbon, bright sticker)

Carry important items such as important medication with your carry-on luggage in case your luggage goes missing. Carry medication in a separate zip-lock clear plastic bag

Take a photo of your luggage before leaving

When travelling together – split your packing in the event that one bag doesn’t make it

When travelling with young children,  take a small separate bag on board with changes of clothing.

Pack your wet pack on the top of your luggage and place it inside a thick plastic bag – should anything leak it won’t spill onto your clothes

If travelling on safari, use soft bags – hard suitcases are not practical


Secure your money – on your person is best. Gentleman – carrying cash in your deep front pocket – safer than a wallet in you back pocket

Familiarise yourself with a new currency and have a good idea of the conversion rate

Carry a business card size card in your pocket as a quick reference for when you are shopping. Note what $1/$5 /$10 etc up to $100 Australian is worth in the local currency

Ensure that you have enough cash in small denominations for tipping/gratuities.  Keep the bulk of it safe and secure, and have the tips/gratuities for the day in your wallet or easily accessible

Always use room safes when available.  Avoiding temptation for staff, particularly when in developing countries is the best thing to do

Travel safe and have fun!!

If going on safari, click here to see our suggested packing list

Tammy & Alex Chaplin,,


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