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Travelling into remote camps and lodges in light aircraft often means there is a weight and size restriction on the luggage you travel with due to safety reasons and physical aircraft capacity.

Luggage, including both check-in and carry-on (handbag, backpack, camera equipment) is restricted to between 15 & 20 kg (33-44 lb) per person (depending on destination – Botswana and Namibia are generally 20kg pp, Kenya and Tanzania are generally 15kg pp).

Only soft bags are accepted – no frames or rigid structures/hard suitcases can be transported as they physically cannot fit into the aircraft pod. Generally speaking, the recommended dimensions of the soft bags are – 25 cm (10 inches) wide x 30 cm (12 inches) high and 62 cm (24 inches) long. Soft duffle style bags are the best.  If bags have wheels, then only the base should be hard, all other sides must be soft, and bags should fit into the above dimensions.

Many larger cities and towns allow for luggage storage should you require this, please chat to us.

Please contact us if you are unsure as to what luggage will be acceptable for your particular safari.