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Mobile safaris have to be one of the best ways to get a true wilderness safari experience. In fact some of the best safari operators started out by running mobile safaris through exploring the remote regions of Botswana and neighbouring countries.

The attraction of a mobile safari is that you travel in a small group that can range from 2-7 people, going from one great wildlife area to another. The trip is led by a very experienced and professional guide with a handful of staff that will take care of you and make sure you are well fed, your tent is serviced and always followed up with good ole African hospitality!

The daily schedules are often flexible and well-orchestrated by the guide to accommodate for everyone’s wish list. The day is finished off sitting around the camp fire reflecting on the day’s experiences. Finishing off with a meal cooked over an open fire is truly special and always delicious.

The accommodations – whilst they are classed as mobile – have all the amenities you need making it one of the most comfortable camping trips you will have, but still not to distract from that great feeling of being close to nature.  The majority have bucket showers which is a memorable experience on its own sometimes with the possibility of having it shared with an elephant trying to take a sip out of your bucket!

Another edge of a mobile safari is that you have the same guide from start to finish. As is with all operators the guides are all very experienced, knowledgeable and always sharing in their passion and enthusiasm for wildlife.

There are several recommended operators that offer various levels of accommodations and services in various parts of Africa.  We have partnerships with some of the top and most recognised mobile operators.  In Botswana,  Wilderness Safaris and Letaka Safaris are two recommendations. Wilderness operate in Private Concessions offering more exclusivity, and Letaka Safaris is owned and operated by brothers Grant and Brent Reed offer a truly exceptional experience in simple comfort (so much so that National Geographic have recently done a series on them called Safari Brothers…they bring you some really good humour and exposure to great wildlife experiences).  There is also Endeavour Safaris that accommodate safaris for people with disabilities making access to the African wildlife available for everyone, and Capture Africa for exclusive and private mobile safaris.  In the spectacular landscapes of Namibia, Ultimate Safaris Namibia offers various opportunities to ”get under canvas”.  Mobile safaris are popular in Kenya and Tanzania too, generally with one camp in an area that gives good opportunity to witness the Great Migration.  So many to choose from – so contact us for a chat to see which fits your needs.

Whether you are an experienced safari goer or first timer, a mobile safari or exploration trip is an experience that can suited to families, single travellers or any wildlife enthusiast that is after a once in a lifetime adventure.

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