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Mombo Camp – place of plenty

Situated in the heart of the Okavango on Chiefs Island in a private concession lies a magic piece of paradise that is called Mombo camp. It’s one of my favourite camps in the Okavango (one of many!) as it has such a diverse area, and not only provides amazing game viewing opportunities, but just has such a unique feel to it – so tranquil yet has an energy in the air.

On arrival at Mombo airstrip, you can already feel the excitement on your skin. Greeted with a warm smile from your guide and a cool drink after a hot flight, you are driven to camp – giving you a brief taste of what’s to come in terms of wildlife sightings. I can’t recall a time that I visited Mombo where I didn’t see at least half a dozen species of animals in the 20 minute drive from airstrip to camp. What awaits is a gorgeous safari camp overlooking a magnificent flood plain, dotted with lechwe, impala, elephant, buffalo. The large wooden deck allows you to spend hours just watching, listening and smelling the buzz of Africa.


Enormous trees line the island where the camp is situated, and offer not only shade with lovely bird watching opportunities, but entertainment too as you watch cheeky vervet monkeys playing. There are 12 tents in total (9 at Mombo main camp, and 3 at Little Mombo, the sister camp at the end of the boardwalk), and they all have an amazing outdoor sala bed so that you can relax during the day taking in that wonderful view. A definite must is the outdoor shower – nothing quite like being naked in nature!  There are two plunge pools as well as a curio shop, and small gym. The camp offers massage treatments in-room for that special treat!

The dining element is delicious, with plenty of fresh options available you will never want to leave. From a stunning choice of breakfast goodies that you can ‘’grab-and-go’’ on safari, to the a la carte choices of dishes for lunch and dinner, it is simply amazing. Bush set ups are classically simple but elegant, giving you the true sense of remoteness while being completely spoilt.


The ‘’place of plenty’’ it sure it…there are big concentrations of plains game, along with many predators that can be seen – including lion, leopard and cheetah. Other animals include buffalo, elephant, giraffe, zebra, jackals and much more, along with great birding opportunities. Of course there is also the chance to see Rhino thanks to the joint Rhino Reintroduction Project that began between Wilderness Safaris, the Botswana Department of Wildlife and the Botswana Government in 2001.

D.DeVilliers_Blk.Rhino-Relocation_mombo  Mombo_rhino_game_drive

One of my most memorable sightings at Mombo was watching the famous ‘’Legadima’’ leopard, cleaning herself in the afternoon sun with not a worry in the world, as the colours were changing from yellow to orange to pink, and listening to the bush noises with the change from day to evening – it was one of those ”my goodness, what a lucky person I am” moments!

Mombo Camp is a very special place indeed!

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