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Mombo Magic

I have just returned from my visit to Botswana and was fortunate enough to have Mombo Camp on my list of camps to visit. Mombo is arguably one of the best areas in Africa for safari and has won numerous awards in recognition of this and built up a name that has become a wish list for many safari enthusiasts.

In one day at Mombo I had sightings of a leopard, two different lion prides, numerous elephant, amazing herds of various antelope, a very informative and interesting talk on rhino conservation by Wilderness Safaris presented to all guests around the fire whilst sipping a cocktail, food and service that leaves you speechless and appreciating  what can be achieved in these remote areas –  finishing off the night after dinner sitting around the fire with ‘one last drink’ listening to lions call in the distance.  What a day!


The highlight for me being when our guide Cilas positioned us a few hundred meters in front of a heard of no less than 700 buffalo, with a sundowner drinks and snacks table set up we waited and watched the heard approach us with the sun setting behind them! A moment I will never forget!

The exciting news about Mombo is next year they are rebuilding the camp and whilst the build is in progress you can get to stay at Mombo in a Trails camps and get to experience this iconic place at a very reduced rate but still have the same service and hospitality with incredible wildlife opportunities.

Experience your own Mombo magic!!

Regards, Alex

Discover some history on Mombo here

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