Multi-generation Safari Holidays

Multi-generation safari travel (also affectionately known as S.K.I. ‘spend the kids inheritance’) is fast becoming a really popular holiday choice amongst families of all ages.

With the ever increasing pressures in today’s environment you can find time slipping by quickly and you ask yourself where did the time go and how did the kids grow up so fast?!

Spending a holiday together on a safari with all generations in a family not only creates lifelong memories and experiences through opportunities they may never have had, but it also opens up the children/grandchildren’s eyes to relook at what is important in life and reassess their material values and views. Safari is life changing – whether it be the quality time spent together as a family, the animals you see, different cultures you meet, having fun or the overall combination of all the above there is always a positive element of change in someone’s life through safari as a family. And for the parents and grandparents to see and experience new adventures on safari through their children’s eyes is the cherry on the top. Getting to learn about another culture, visiting a local school or village, playing a game of soccer with camp staff or dancing around the fire to the beat of a drum will bring out a deep feeling of happiness.

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Having worked in the safari lodges, one of the most rewarding things for me was seeing the joy light up in the elder’s eyes watching their children or grandchildren experience the African wildlife and nature at its best and simply being outdoors in true wilderness.

Brian and Mary are multi-repeat travellers to Africa with and without their families write “We were so grateful to be able to share the wonders of Africa and in particular Botswana with our children and grandchildren. It was a life changing experience for them. We plan to do it all again with the next three grandchildren when their ages are between 12 and 14 years as we consider this the ideal age for this wonderful experience”

And from a different perspective, their Granddaughter Natasha sums it up beautifully…“I am so grateful that this journey, which was the BEST experience I’ve ever had, was shared with my grandparents who have such a passion for Botswana. I know that they, along with my aunty, derived great pleasure from my own pleasure. I felt they were very proud of my interest in taking in all the details of the life around me. It is a really special thing to have shared this amazing experience with them; it will bond us together forever.”

In our highly digitalised and fast-paced life, it’s a special privilege to be able to put that aside and reconnect with uninterrupted time with your loved ones. Whether it is to celebrate a once in a lifetime family milestone, because you live in different cities and want special time together as a family or for whatever your reason may be, a multi-generational family trip spending priceless time together is one for the bucket list.

Here’s hoping that you get to experience a Multi-generation safari holiday one day!

Alex Chaplin (, Remarkable Africa


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