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Safari brilliance in Hwange

I have just returned from 3 days of safari in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, where I was fortunate to stay with Wilderness Safaris at their Linkwasha Camp and did site visits of Little Makalolo and Davison’s Camps.

I have been privileged to work and live in some of the wildest and best game viewing places of Southern Africa, but my Hwange safari has just leap-frogged to being one of my best experiences!

In 3 days I got to see so much, including a cheetah make a kill, 29 lions, 2 lion kills of buffalo, wild dogs and a variety of other animals – all of which leaves you captivated and breathless.


The highlight being the activity of wildlife around the water holes, with fresh water pumped daily they draw in literally hundreds of elephant, buffalo, zebra, wildebeest, sable, giraffe, as well as eland and roan antelope. The real value of this is you get to have these exclusive experiences of action within their private concession that lies within this massive 1.4 million hectares National Park.

remarkable_africa_hwange_waterhole   elephants_hwange_waterhole

The best time for the activity around the pans is May – November. I was there in early October and it was actioned packed! However their Green Season also opens up a whole new opportunity of experiences.

Little Makalolo Camp has a log pile hide where you get to sit behind an extensive pile of logs for safety and wait in anticipation for elephants coming out from the bush at all angles to have a drink right in front of you.  An experience not to be forgotten being that close to a wild herd of elephants watching them go about their daily routine.

IMG_3582  IMG_3672

The Zimbabwe guides are a fountain of knowledgeable and amongst the best in Africa, they are backed up by staff that provide hospitality and service that leaves you in awe and feeling apart of the family.

After many remarkable years of having worked in the safari industry, I am still mesmerized as to what an impact these places and the people of Africa can have on you!


Alex Chaplin November 2015

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