Some Fun with Collective Nouns of African Animals

I love hearing new collective nouns for animals in Africa.  Here are a few for you to learn…

  • A Cloud of Bats
  • A Murder of Crows
  • A Herd of Elephants
  • A Clan of Hyenas
  • A Rank of Impala
  • A Journey (or Tower) of Giraffe
  • A Dazzle of Zebra
  • A Leap of Leopards
  • A Prickle of Porcupines
  • An Army of Frogs
  • A Romp of Otters
  • A Parliament of Owls
  • A Troop of Baboons
  • A Herd of Antelopes
  • A Sounder of Warthogs
  • A Dray of Squirrels
  • A Pack of Wild Dogs
  • A Stand of Flamingos
  • A Business of Mongoose
  • A Coalition of Cheetahs

And my favourite…. A Confusion of Guinea Fowl


Remarkable Africa

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