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Special Moments on Safari

You’ve arrived in the African bush, in the ‘’middle of nowhere’’ and go on your first safari game drive. Anticipation and excitement creeps in as you get into the open safari vehicle and your guide introduces you to the wilderness. You see your first animal which is completely amazing, and then the second…and soon, you are enthralled as you look beyond every tree and bush trying to spot something else. It’s exhilarating and the smells and sights make you pinch yourself. That’s what safari in Africa is all about….but there is more…


Often (and correctly so), the lure is the wildlife – witnessing animals that you’ve only dreamt about roam in their natural environment. An African elephant in the distance, trunk held high getting a scent of ‘’unusual humans’’, or a herd of impala ‘’pronking’’ across the road with grace and poise.

But, there is really so much more that is incorporated in a safari than just wildlife. The safari tents that keep you safe at night range from rustic and small to luxurious and huge. Luxury tented camps offer all of the creature comforts that you want and need, and more! Beautiful décor in the rooms, amazing food that is cooked up in the middle of nowhere, interacting with the camp staff learning of their culture and background, and having your senses explode with the sights, sounds and feelings of it all.


The luxury safari camps really do go out of their way to spoil and delight their guests, as that truly is what you are, their GUESTS. The camps are generally small (between 3 and 10 rooms) which allows for a really relaxed, personal stay. Capturing all that the African bush has to offer is their focus, so often they will go above and beyond to make your stay truly memorable.


Some examples of these touches might be meeting you with delicious hot soup on your afternoon/evening game drive to keep the cold away in the winter months (add a shot of chilli vodka to your soup and you’ll be as warm as toast for hours); a beautiful sundowner stop with delicious freshly made snacks, a selection of wine and cocktails whilst you are mesmerised by the setting sun and peacefulness of the bush as it changes from day to night; or the staff choir may put on a traditional dance show whilst dining under the stars.

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Bush brunches and dinners are a true treat – a beautifully set table in the middle of the bush with a selection of delicious dishes whilst being surrounded only by wilderness. Animals can and do wander past (obviously guides are on watch to avoid any situations!). Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or experiencing a once in a lifetime journey, the camps and lodges will do many thoughtful additions dotted throughout your stay to make your trip extra special.


All of these special moments on safari and unexpected bush experiences add to the thrill and excitement of Africa and will have you re-living your stories over and over again….and will no doubt want you going back for more!

Enjoy your special moments on safari

Tammy Chaplin (, Remarkable Africa (


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