Summer Safari

Whilst the ‘’green season’’ is not the peak season to visit Southern Africa, it is a really super time to travel, as you can enjoy discounted rates (especially family/child rates that tend to be very good), and you get to see the vivid colours of the African bush. Lush green foliage against deep coloured skies make for incredibly beautiful backdrops and sunsets on a summer safari. It is also the time when there is an explosion of young – baby antelope dot the plains and predators take advantage of the inexperienced prey – as well as great birding with many migratory species.  Sure, it can be a little harder to spot the wildlife given the increase in vegetation, but it makes for a more adventurous and fun safari. The nights and mornings are warmer, the days are longer, and the bush is alive with life.

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Whilst Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia experience their summer rains during this season, Namibia actually experiences very low local volumes of rain in comparison. The Central Kalahari is at its best during this period, with abundant herbivore concentrations, as well as amazing unique mammal species such as honey badger and brown hyena.

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Special deals from various camps and operators add value to your safari. Remember, the beauty about these safari camps and mobile safaris  is that everything is included – accommodation, all of your meals, your drinks including alcoholic beverages (in most cases), your activities with experienced and professional guides, park fees and laundry (where applicable) – which means that once your safari is paid for, there is little else to worry about!

Prime scenery and good productivity make the summer season a winner for a safari!

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