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Tips for travelling on safari

Here are some tips for travelling on safari, to help avoid some common mistakes.

  1. Take a journal, no two days are the same and there will be a lot of great memories, stories and notes you will want to keep.
  2. Take a good camera with you with spare memory cards, and binoculars are essential.
  3. Make sure you have travel insurance, it is not worth the risk – things do go wrong
  4. Take your luggage in a soft duffle bag, hard suitcases are not ideal for safari
  5. Dress for comfort and not style
  6. Ensure your trip covers a few different lodges and you have 2-3 nights at each camp
  7. Travel with your most important items  in your carry-on luggage, especially medicine, valuables – airlines do still lose luggage.
  8. Respect wildlife even if they seem comfortable with you – they are still wild animals
  9. Always listen to your guide, they do know what’s best for the environment and most importantly for your safety
  10. Disconnect to reconnect, it can be hard in the beginning not to be in contact via phones/internet, by try where you can to turn off and experience the difference.
  11. If something is perhaps not as you expected or you have any concerns (food offering, personality of guide or other guests on a vehicle etc), chat to the managers/guides to see if they can offer any type of solution on the ground.
  12. The areas are remote and most don’t have fences, so animals can and do roam in the camp confines and occasionally there are things that happen that are beyond anyone’s control, like an elephant pulling up a water pipe which interferes with the camp water, baboons trying to break into a room with food/snacks  – this is all part of the experience so try not let these types of things spoil your holiday.
  13. Pass on as much information as possible when booking (rooms close to the main areas or as far away as possible, drink preferences, food preferences or dislikes, double bed or twin beds, interests such as birding, flora, mobility problems etc)
  14. Take something to read and read up on the area you going to.
  15. Most importantly absorb every moment whilst on safari

Relax, enjoy and soak it all in!

Alex & Tammy Chaplin, Remarkable Africa,

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