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Many destinations in Africa offer wonderful walking safaris.  Zambia and Zimbabwe are stand-out walking destinations – they offer a real, authentic true wilderness which is remote and unspoiled.  Walking in the African bush allows you to discover nature in a unique and different way.  It allows you to reconnect with the environment and teaches you about the intricacies of these special places.

Whilst some initially get put off with the thought of walking on safari – whether because of heat, fitness level or just because the thought is too frightening – it is often a highlight in guests itineraries as it delves into nature and teaches you about animal behaviour that is sometimes missed by being on a vehicle.  The pace is slow, stopping often for photo opportunities, listening, learning, touching and the walking is done outside of the heat of the day. Experienced and qualified armed guides walk with you and they won’t put you into a situation that is not safe – your safety is paramount.

There are many different ways that you can get on foot, from a morning walking activity to a few days walking, to a full week or more of exploration.

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