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When the world starts travelling again….

There are many unanswered questions during this unprecedented COVID-19 Pandemic as the weeks turn into months.

A big one of course is ‘’when will we be able to travel again?’’

The answer to this is also unknown, but I feel safe in the knowledge that people’s desire to travel, explore and experience won’t fade away, it will just have to be bottled up for a little while until the time comes that we can get out there and visit the places we long for.

Sure…things might be different when it comes to travelling again – different airline policies, booking policies, medical requirements, social distancing – but whatever it is, we’ll all still make it possible for us to get out there and enjoy the special places in this world.

So where to go….?

If you have to think about a ‘’perfect holiday’’ after all of this, an African safari would surely be top of the list?

Safari camps, lodges and mobile safaris – many of which host an intimate number of people (approx. 7-20) give you plenty of open spaces. Sitting around a camp fire with nothing but endless space around you, open-air dining, rooms and tents made from canvas or natural materials and free flowing air….even a spare seat in-between two people on a game drive!

It really is the ultimate ‘’social distancing’’ holiday available! No stuffy large hotels, overcrowded restaurants, public transport – just special experiences in nature giving quality time with the ones you love.


Imagine after an early morning wake up, sipping coffee and eating muffins as the sun starts to rise, you grab your binoculars and camera and head out into the wilderness with your guide to see what you can see. Bumping along in a game drive vehicle, the morning smells and sounds of the bush drowning your senses, spotting unique wildlife in their natural environment.

Exciting animal sightings – maybe the roar of a lion, or the call of a hyena or trumpet of an elephant, or maybe watching a troop of baboons groom and play with one another, could it get better? Perhaps a relaxing boat or canoe ride, discovering more about birds or your guide and their culture, eating delicious food prepared in the most remote places, sitting around a camp fire with a blanket of stars above, falling asleep to the sound of frogs and crickets and owls…what a way to spend your days!

So, when your desires for travel start to get your skin itching, then my suggestion is to think of experiencing the wild areas of Africa for a truly memorable and richly rewarding experience.

We’re here to answer any queries or questions you may have, so please feel free to contact us

Stay safe and healthy, and keep the dreams alive…Tammy | email


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