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Why Travel To Africa

Why Africa?  Africa represents one of the last great adventures. Only in Africa do the great herds still roam free, stalked by the magnificent predators. Africa is a vast continent, an immense landscape of incredible contrasts, from beaches to mountains, deserts to wetlands, and mountains to endless open savannah.

You can meet people whose way of life has not changed in centuries, and witness wildlife spectacles that have followed ancient rhythms for millennia. The Africa we want to share with you is the Africa of the great national parks and private concessions, of pristine wilderness far away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

Places where you can disconnect from the pressure of modern life and reconnect on a deeper level with Nature and with your loved ones. An Africa of vast skies and limitless horizons, where you can feel like one of the first explorers at the same time as feeling reassuringly as though you have come home.

African safari holidays can combine the last word in luxury and authentic hospitality with the ultimate adventure. We want you to experience the true wild places, but in comfort and with your safety our number one priority at all times.
Africa’s landscapes, people, wildlife and cultures await you. Let us draw on our own experiences and passion to help make your safari dreams come true.


Many people first travel to Africa on the advice of friends or family who have been there themselves, fallen in love with Africa and then want to share it with the people who are important to them. We can identify with this feeling very closely, as this is precisely why we set up Remarkable Africa.

It can be hard to convey in words and pictures just what is so special about Africa. It has to be seen, felt, experienced to be understood and believed. You cannot cram so many wonders into a photo frame or a few lines of text. Africa has a unique rhythm that cannot really be explained until you have experienced it at first hand. Once you have been to Africa, we are sure you will want to return.

Safari areas are most usually accessed by air travel through tourist hubs and are typically very far from political and population centres, making these remote areas even safer.

Most of the areas we recommend are malaria-free or have a limited malaria risk. Camps and lodges will provide mosquito nets and repellent, and we can recommend excellent travel health clinics who can assist you with any medical requirements or concerns.

Why not make your next holiday an African holiday, whether it is to celebrate a special occasion in the family, or to join in the celebration of life that is the true African safari experience!

Addressing Possible Concerns / Safety

Africa is made up of over 50 countries, but we concentrate on the real safari gems – stable, well-run countries with the infrastructure in place to get you quickly and safely to where you want to be and what you want to see – the spectacular scenery and amazing wildlife.

Unfortunately not all the news from Africa is positive. It is an enormous continent, four times the size of Australia and three times the size of the entire USA. Within that huge space are some nations who have had difficult recent pasts.

Our safaris in contrast visit only the safe, stable democratic countries of southern Africa. Countries whose preservation of their invaluable natural heritage is a testament to how well run and calm they are. Remarkable Safaris itineraries do not go anywhere near any of the countries affected by the recent Ebola outbreak or by any of the conflicts that persist in some far-flung parts of Africa.

We have a wonderful network of friends and contacts throughout Africa, all attuned to the very latest developments whether it be the onset of the rains, the arrival of the herds, or any political developments, and they constantly update us so that we are able to monitor the situation so as to always ensure your safety.

None of the countries where we operate have been affected by the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The top safari destinations of East and southern Africa are several thousand miles from the affected countries, and none of them have any history of Ebola outbreaks.

Within Australia, visit for up-to-date travellers information.

Remarkable Africa is an AFTA (Australian Federation of Travel Agents) and ATAS (Australian Travel Agent Scheme) accredited agent. We are also listed as an Australian based African specialist with Safari Bookings